The Bird Hunting Report™ is a news source that traveling sportsmen have relied on for more than 20 years to provide independent insight and information about hunting destinations and outfitters across the United States and around the globe.

Through The Bird Hunting Report™, we share with you what we and our readers have experienced on trips to hunting destinations around the world.  And we don't represent the interests of anyone but our subscribers --- we tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about the places we go and the outfitters we use.

Perhaps most importantly, we are hunters just like you.  Meet some of your fellow shooters:

Stuart Brunson - Publisher

Mr. Brunson is a native of rural West Tennessee who now lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee.  He has been an active hunter and outdoorsman since childhood.  Mr. Brunson's passion for the outdoors extends beyond hunting to habitat preservation.  A lawyer by training, he is an entrepreneur who is actively involved in a number of ventures and is a former Deputy Governor for the State of Tennessee.

Tod Sedgwick - Publisher Emeritus

Mr. Sedgwick is a well known and widely respected sportsman and conservationist.  An avid shooter since he was a young boy, Ambassador Sedgwick owned and published The Bird Hunting Report™ for more than ten years.  He and his family have been active in habitat conservation and preservation efforts in a variety of ways, including his service as a board member for the Wetlands America Trust.

Tom Carney - Managing Editor

Tom brings a nice combination of skills, talents, and experiences to his role as Managing Editor.  He has won over 60 awards for his writing and photography.  Plus he has traveled to more than 20 states and a handful of foreign countries to hunt and/or fish.  He is based in Michigan.

John C. Gosselin - Senior Editor

Mr. Gosselin is a life-long grouse and woodcock hunter from Northern New England.  He currently makes his home in Arizona with his favored quarry now being the various desert quail species.  John also serves as the publisher of The Upland Almanac.

Gary Kramer - Senior Correspondent

Mr. Kramer is a photographer and writer based in Willows, California.  He is one of the most traveled outdoor journalists in the world.  Mr. Kramer has traveled to 53 countries in search of new and interesting fishing, hunting, and photographic opportunities.  More than 40 of these visits have been exclusively for wingshooting.

Gordon Allen - Illustrations

Mr. Allen's early introduction to bird hunting on Maryland's Eastern Shore helped develop his life-long love of the outdoors and has inspired many of his artistic works.  Now a resident of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, he is widely recognized as one of the finest etchers of the sporting scene in America today.


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Dateline: South Dakota
Located along the western banks of the Missouri River in central South Dakota, the Lower Brule Sioux Reservation contains those features that . . .
Feb 01, 2014
Dateline: New Zealand
The summer paradise shelduck hunting season that exists in North Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand, is an annual, unique sporting event that many international hunters might want to pencil in on their calendar. 
Feb 01, 2014
Dateline: South Africa
The African continent has long been a favorite destination for big game hunters from all over the world.  In the last 20 years, the demand for wing shooting has increased, and a cadre of African outfitters and guides who provide quality bird shooting safaris has developed. 
Feb 01, 2014

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